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are a family of three. A Finn, a Taiwanese, and a little “both”. :)

We love to explore nature, learn from nature, and share our knowledge and love for nature to the world by distributing the “taste” of berries, mushrooms and tea to you.


…Having red date and longan tea is good for women’s health, and Ginger tea is a must for winter?

…Finland is the No.1 wild bilberry producer in the world, and those wild bilberries are true healthy boost for your eyes?

…You need to be careful about where you buy your tea, for example in the US pesticides and toxins run rampant…

…By simply adding flour into water can help you get rid of most of the pesticides on the grapes?

Welcome to Tea Emperor! Here we want to share with you everything about how to contribute to your health by adding berry powders to your daily diet, using chaga and wild herb tea to boost your energy, or calm your mind. Of course, some health tips every now and then, from ancient China and modern pure Finland.

You can find those health tips and information about tea and berries on our blog. If you want to take some souvenirs from our sites, take a look on our shop.



Emperor – a Finn who loves natural blueberry tea from wild wild Finnish forests. Nature is strong in this one as he also sells log houses at Hirsilinna

Empress – a Taiwanese who enjoys a cup of Oolong tea whenever visiting her home land where top-quality mountain Oolong tea is produced. She is also an advocate for healthy food and healthy living. Everything related to holistic health interests her so much that she truly feels this is her calling. Other than writing on the Tea Emperor blog, she also writes about Finnish life, creativity and design in Chinese.

Our little one- A, a Finnish-Taiwanese 4-year old who just loves to go about and never got too much of the nature.



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