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Tea is not just a refreshing drink. For thousands of years it has been used as a remedy for all sorts of ailments. To get the very best out of your tea you should know the basics of various tea varieties. However it doesn’t end there as you can enrich and add new qualities to your tea by the use of herbs, flowers or other edible organic products.

One aspect of holistic health is the basic body nature, which is different from person to person. We react differently when for example the same food is given to a group of people. This tea series presents astrology as a reference to your choice of enriching your tea experience with natural additives. The base for several suggestions here comes from the long astrology tradition and should be considered as suggestions not medical information but I believe many of you will find suggested herbs very suitable to your palate when mixed with your favorite tea.


Mint is the herb which is most often associated with Librans. Mint is well known for its digestive and antiseptic qualities and this really suits well for Librans as hungry sweet tooth tends to be one of their less-wanted qualities.

Dried Nordic berry fruits can be also be counted into herb-like foodstuffs, which have some health improving qualities. Especially forest berries are good for Libran diet as they provide ample amount of vitamins and balance blood sugar to keep that sweet tooth calm.


It is only apple tree that has something edible on offer for Libra. No matter, dried apple is often in the mix with infusions and teas. Do you know something better than freshly baked apple pie with some vanilla ice cream accompanied with a cup of tea or coffee?

Taurus and Libra share rulership with Venus and therefore have similar associations towards plants and especially flowers. Rose is the strongest and the most widely used herbal flower on the list and it can often be found mixed in to teas and infusions. Powdered rose is especially tempting in baking as it gives natural fragrance to any sweets especially on dry cakes… but maybe I should stop tempting that good ol’ sweet tooth.


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