Rowans, the common tree that produces enormous berries from the autumn on, has been known as the holy tree in the Nordic land.

teaemperor rowanberryPeople believe that rowans can ward off bad spirits and bring good lucks. As you see, we also take some rowan berries home alongside with rose hips, all wild ones in the clean Finnish nature, to give us good fortune for the coming autumn.

In the Nordic, there are many myth surrounding the Rowan trees. One of them being so that birds eating rowan berries will get bit “drunk”, in fact birds are just extraordinary happy during the snowy autumn and winter when eating rowan berries, as not many berries in the nature have the strengths to go on through the cold winter as the rowans.

Rowan berries are also elected as berries of 2014, as it has a lot of vitamin C and minerals. In the coming posts we will introduce more recipes with the rowan berries. Stay tuned!

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Rowan fruits also known as Rowan berries.

Rowan fruits also known as Rowan berries.

Rowan berry powders

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