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As a person, I have always been interested in healing as a subject. However, never had I been running into several conditions in a relatively short period of time (the past two years), that have made me feel that I do need to devote some time and action into this subject, personally.

During the past two years, for different reasons, I have heard doctors (namely from traditional western medicine) from different field, saying to me about certain “diseases”: “there is no special cure for this, it might just get well by itself” or “this can not be prevented, the cause is unknown”.

First of all, my son developed some atopic skin rashes when he turned 6 months old. Luckily by he turned one his skin condition has largely improved, and it had never been seriously bad either. Now he has been basically just fine. However I always remember what kind of struggles there had been during that half year and how many times doctors and nurses had said to me: “just use regularly the cortisone or a lot of creams.” no other ways, and no causes can be found. Later on fortunately his skin gets well by itself with some help of traditional Chinese medicine and natural therapy, well of course I believe that it mainly contributes to the immune system that gets stronger by age. (I can tell more of the story in the future in other posts in the healing category)

Then, it was me. After I gave birth to my son, the doctor found that I had a few fibromyoma in my uterus. Fortunately, they are not big and unlikely to cause any harm. However, what’s the reason that has caused this? no idea. How can I prevent it from happening in the future? no idea.  At least no idea from western medicine tradition. Later on my condition also improves, the myomas became smaller naturally when the uterus starts to get back to its originally shape, as well as by combining different alternative methods. Again, I can tell you more on this in other posts later.

Just about 10 months ago I went to a regular eye check, and surprinsingly found that my eye pressure is too high. The normal range should be under 21, but mine was about 22.-23. How to help with this? no idea, what’s the cause, no idea. I forgot it (or more honestly, don’t want to think much about this) for quite a long time, until 1 month ago I again got chance to check it, and it has got bit worse! 25! Now I know, it’s time to take some real actions! As there is no effective way from western sceience but to give you some eye drops to lower the pressure (which to me this is the same as using cortisone, suppressing the syndrome temporarily but not curing the source), I decided to try combining acupressure points, massage and exercise, as well as herb tea to help with it. Whether it will work is still yet to be seen, but at least I am strongly beliving in it. Now that there is no cause from outside, the reason has to come from within me, my thoughts patterns, my behaviour haibts etc. Which means, I AM the one who can heal the condition. If necessary, I might also seek help from acupuncture which has been said to be quite effective, but I know that I play a role in my own healing.

Just to add a small example to this: 1 month ago a cyst developed under my skin. It just came suddenly as a big one. At that time I thought, well, let’s see if it will go away by itself. It didn’t go away, but it got smaller, and no pain either, therefore I almost forgot about it. Until a few days ago I realised that it is still here, just for clearing my worries I asked a gynecologist to check it out. The result? no idea. It might be the type of cyst called “sarveisontelo”, which has no special cause, no way to prevent (sounds familiar again?), and usually just can be absorbed by itself. I was relieved to hear that this is quite likely “nothing”, at the very same day I also happened to release some angers that have been piling inside of me for a long time without my even noticing it. Then guess what? just on the very same night, the cyst obviously shrinked to even smaller in its size, and now within two days I can almost confidently say that, soon it will be completely gone. I can’t help thinking that this cyst might really have something to do with the angers inside of me. The more I clean it away, the less this kind of things “for unknown reason” will stay with me , or come to me.

Today when I am washing dishes, I keep thinking about the so called “no cure, no cause” diseases. Suddenly a thought struck me which echoed what I have been believing:

if a disease has practically “no explanerary cause” by any obvious outer factors, then it also means that it can be recovered by itself WITHOUT any external interference of outside factor such as medicines.

We really can, and have to heal it by ourself, from inner power, from diet, from utilizing alternative methods that see body, soul and mind as a whole, not as separate entities.

How? let’s explore on this from now.

Photo: Finnish autumn colours, taken by Tea Empress. There is no special relation between the photo and the post, however it is also kind of related. Nature is the best healing power isn’t it? 😉




Autumn, a cold season, I guess many will agree with this.

Luckily, we don’t have to settle with it, there is a special tea that can help us prevent the cold, or if you have already caught one, it will help you relieve the syndrome and possibly recover sooner. The best of it: it’s so incredibly easy to make, and I bet you have already all the ingredients in your closet!

Ginger Black Tea


– 1 black tea bag (any flavour you like, we use the ordinary princess tea)

– 1 tea spoon of ground ginger

– some honey or brown sugar

– some lemon


1. Make ground ginger ready, put them into your tea cup

2. Add black tea bag, pull in boiled water.

3. add in some lemon juice and honey/brown sugar with the amount you prefer.

Remember to drink it all, including the ginger!

You will be surprised to notice that how the cold syndrome relieved after only one cup of ginger black tea, at least that’s what happen to me! Not to say that this tea is actually very tasty!

Drinking ginger black tea as a health promoting/cold fighting method has been promoted by a well-known Japanese doctor 石原結實. According to him, you can drink 3-6 cups of ginger black tea everyday.

p.s In the Japanese doctor 石原結實’s book, he uses brown sugar instead of honey because brown sugar can warm up the body, by raising up the body temperature it will help to fight off diseases or discomfort. I myself use honey simply out of personal habit with tea. I do like brown sugar and use it in various herbal tea too.  

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