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Bags of Pu’er tea idly laying around and aging – a sure way to gain value for your tea investment.

Tea has been China’s most famous export product for hundreds of years. Fortunes have been and still are by cultivating and trading this green gold. Green is not the only color of tea money as there are also white teas and black teas not to mention some other even more imaginative colors. With so many colors in tea palette it is no wonder that at times some teas are more desired than others after all fashion does change and tea is no exception of this.


The art of Pu’er tea was mastered during historic Tang Dynasty but it was only during the latter part of modern Bush dynasty when Pu’er price rose tenfold and made Chinese tea farmers to think they are emperors of the world. In similar frantic manner people of the west drank Pu’er up in hopes of lowered cholesterol or curing hangover and were a major cause for the price bubble.

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Agricultural products from Japan have started to get a new ring within international  food industry. This term is radioactive food. Fukushima disaster has lead into situation where people are increasingly observative on where their food for example tea has come from. 2011 and many years after that mark a catastrophic crop for tea farms close to Fukushima nuclear plant. I don’t know the exact size of the affected area, but anyhow even the once famously clean brand of Japanese food is now being tainted. There seems to be no way for a single agricultural producer inside the affected area to continue their business. Agricultural producers outside the affected area will not have it easy either.

Terrible accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant will have long-lasting effects on tea production of Japan. The thing is that tea plantations can still grow tea, but there will be the dubious stigmata of post-Fukushima flush.


Year 2011 will start slow downward trend in Japanese tea industry and there is very little that Japanese can do about this thing. I expect to see marketing campaigns, which focus on remote pristine areas and traditionally high quality tea produce. But human mind is a funny little thing as when it starts to think something possible it immediately grows into something, which is quite probable. This will cause the slowdown in Japanese tea sales. → Click here to read more

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