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Not so long ago I wrote about the price bubble of Chinese Pu’er tea. It seemed that Pu’er market had all but withered but this following video does paint much more optimistic image of the situation.


I am sure that base demand for Pu’er hasn’t disappeared so it was only a matter of time that overly large stockpiles of Pu’er have been consumed by this static demand. Also it helps that the most flimsy tea growing and trading operations of Pu’er have folded and quality is once again going up. Enjoy this CNN video.


Winter in Finland can be very dark and cold, and some years it is also very wet. It is only natural that every now and then Finnish people need hot tea to keep warm and happy. Now with the daily cup of tea we can also get rid of that darkness, just look what a Korean designer brought to us.


Lighting Bag by Wonsik Chae from Takashi Yamada on Vimeo.


Think what you like, but to me it looks spooky. I have to admit that at first I thought that it is so beautiful, radiant and glowing etc. It didn’t take too long until the video comes to the point where the tea bag is lifted from the cup and dubiously glowing drops splash back into the cup and form brightly coloured streams. It is like witch’s cauldron full of toxic and radioactive sludge. Do you dare to drink something like this? Will it make your pee glow? What about eyes?


One thing is for sure, if these tea bags become very common, it means dark clouds to the skies for tea table light manufacturers.

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