I used to have acnes-prone skin when I was young. Nowadays not any more (maybe partly because I’ve grown older? ;-).


Throughout the years I do have learned from my own experience that acnes might result from many reasons such as the diet, habits, hormone changes, stress, skin types, etc, or simply just genes.

Some medical opinion points out that most of the acne cases are related to genetics and manifest during teenage years. The reason for this was a study that was done with twins (identical vs normal). It showed that identical twins had similar acne situation while normal twins had big differences with their acne.

That being said, the typical western diet with processed foods, sugar and various industrial fats is also said to be the biggest external cause for acne. Smoking is the second biggest external cause for acne.

For some reason acne is very rare in cultures which consume little white sugar. Sugar increases insulin production and leads to insulin resistence and increased chance of diabetes as well as affects to the production of androgen. (Archives of Dermatology 2002;138:1584-1590).

If I add the Chinese medicine point of view on top it, it is said that acnes have something to do with the general body conditions. For example acnes in the chins of women often indicates that her hormones are not currently functioning in a balanced way. If you pay attention, sometimes especially just before or during the menstrual cycles one might be more prone to have acnes especially in that area.

Although many factors may result in acnes-prone skin, I do believe the concept of wholeness health and believe that adequate sleep, regular exercise, relax mood, healthy diet can improve the skin condition.

As you know, we are in the wild herb/berry business so we also like to tackle acne from the perspectives of nutritions.


First, make a general list of foods to avoid. Yes, it is always more difficult to take away from diet than to add into diet. Ok, here goes, milk related and fatty products because they stimulate oil glands.

Foods with lots of processed sugars are also on the ban list for the reasons mentioned earlier. This includes sugar as such and various industrial sweets like candies and juices but also simple carbohydrates like white bread and pasta.

Second, take natural healthy gentle food is a kind gesture to your body and skin.

Here is comparison of different berry powders’s nutrition in view of combating acnes.

Lingonberry: it contains mostly easily extractable proanthocyanidins by percentage among wild berries. Proanthocyanidins have been used in many products that try to alleviate acne symptoms. Lingonberry includes also high percentage of Omega 3 compared to most berries.

Rose hip: it contains most proanthocyanidins by amount among berries. Finns all know that rose hip soup are great for skin.

Buckthornberries: this is the berries that contain most Vitamin C and Vitamine E. It also contains certain amount of proanthocynanidins. Buckthornberries have also some other nice surprises in their contents, like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which will help with skin and membranes. Also Buckthorn is just generally an excellent source of flavonoids and has vitamins C and E in it both of which are regarded as “skin” vitamins.

Bilberries (wild blueberries): although not being “marketed” as berries for skin, it has been our own all-time-favorites! Not only because it tastes great, growing all over Finland in summer time as Finn’s collective memories of summer, but also for its especially high contents of flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidant. For a general improvement of health, we always recommend to add the Finnish wild blueberries, aka bilberries into your meal!

More figures and charts can be checked from the Finnish online resource: http://www.arctic-flavours.fi/en/info/berries/nutritional+value+of+berries/figures/

I confess that I do eat wild berries regularly everyday, but I wouldn’t go so far to say that simply by taking berry powders and wild berries one can tackle completely the acne problem. To treat your skin, first of all you need to take care of yourself well. Only after your holistic health is in a good condition, the acnes would have nowhere to stay on your skin. It might sometimes sound like a long way to go, but it can also starts from a simple little change, such as to sleep half hours earlier, to stop smoking, to exercise regularly, and to love yourself and learn to relax. Of course, if on top of this some spoonfuls of berrypowders are added to the diet, you are really on the right track! :)

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Lingonberries- many Finn's favorite in the autumn

Lingonberries- many Finn’s favorite in the autumn

Buckthronberry - vitamin C, E, omega 3. the real power berry!

Buckthronberry – vitamin C, E, omega 3. the real power berry!

Bilberry - our all-time-favorites from the wild forest

Bilberry – our all-time-favorites from the wild forest

Rose hip- berries for your skin

Rose hip- berries for your skin

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