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Bilberry - our all-time-favorites from the wild forest

Jun 16


The latin name reveals the nature of the berry. European blueberry is a low growing shrub that produces blue berries high in antioxidants. Bilberry is often mixed with the bush blueberry that comes from North America. Bilberry’s North American cousin stands much higher from ground and produces berries, which are much sweeter and much lower in antioxidants than the European cousin.

Freshly picked bilberries in a box after a quick wash.

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Bilberry belongs to the same berry family as lingon berries, bog bilberries and cranberries. Usually we call it blueberry, and even a toddler knows why. Go and watch how kids swiftly combine clean clothes with blueberry pie. Blueberries can be and are used in many different ways for example in blueberry teas.

WHERE DO BLUEBERRIES GROW? Just like youngsters pranks, bilberry doesnt thrive in excess sunlight. Young and lush forests are best areas to find these fresh and vitamin packed treats. Nutritious bilberry is valued food source for many animals like bears and various birds, which in exchange spread it efficiently.

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN BLUEBERRY FLOWERS? Bilberries flower during late spring or early summer with the help of insects. Nighttime frosts can damage these delicate, red and sometimes white flowers. If this happens, well, it means fewer blueberry pies in the autumn.

WHEN CAN YOU PICK BLUEBERRIES? When it is a good time to go pick bilberries then? Surprisingly early, the first month for bilberries to ripe is July and season lasts until late September.

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