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In the United States and especially in the Southern states sweet tea is already a household name in case you fancy a refreshing drink. Sweet tea refers quite simply to sweetened and iced black tea. Hot tea was something that didn’t catch fire in the Southern heat of the night. It was totally different matter when you could gulp it down on the porch while listening to the cicadas. Now the sweet tea has taken the benefit of the growing tea trend and has become the beverage of choice in many establishments like for example McDonald’s as you can read in this article.

In my previous post I was writing about the upward trend regarding wholesale tea prices. One of the explaining factors was the increasing consumption of tea. It is actually becoming trendy to drink tea especially because there are so many varieties. You can shine among your friends if you manage to drop a fascinating tea brand in the middle of a discussion.

Image source: Starbucks online store


Starbucks can spot a trend that’s why they became so big in the first place. They took light-roasted middle European coffee and introduced it in the States, then they took the rest of the world. Now they are planning to do the same with tea by introducing great tasting loose leaf teas into their brewing selection. Let’s see how the world receives Starbucks tea.

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