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In my previous post I was writing about the upward trend regarding wholesale tea prices. One of the explaining factors was the increasing consumption of tea. It is actually becoming trendy to drink tea especially because there are so many varieties. You can shine among your friends if you manage to drop a fascinating tea brand in the middle of a discussion.

Image source: Starbucks online store


Starbucks can spot a trend that’s why they became so big in the first place. They took light-roasted middle European coffee and introduced it in the States, then they took the rest of the world. Now they are planning to do the same with tea by introducing great tasting loose leaf teas into their brewing selection. Let’s see how the world receives Starbucks tea.

One could say that we have a tea collection, but to say so would be incorrect. We merely buy more loose tea than what we consume. Poor is the faith of some of our purchases as tempting tea packages lay in some forgotten cupboard corner only to be tossed to the trash.


As you can see from the photo below there are mainly loose teas in our collection, but we have made some room for daily quick fixes and few specialties. With quick fix I refer to the morning bulk bag tea, which is fast, black, cheap and easy. Come to think of it that is almost how I like my women, but don’t tell that to the Empress…

Our collection of loose teas.


These we get from our travels to Asia and Northern Europe. Let’s face it, in Asia they know how to make a good cup of tea and in Northern Europe they have pristine nature with all sorts of wild plants just dying to be dried and labeled as X tea. So you want an example? Birch leaf tea, Bilberry leaf tea, Bilberry berry tea, Buckthorn tea, Cloudberry tea and then there are all those meadow herbs… I’d like to see them grow those in the Orient.


The good thing about having more than one tea brand in your slate is that you can offer more variety for the visitors, and more importantly, you can add some taste into your life just the way you need it. For some people tea collection might be a source for little competitive spirit. There’s nothing wrong in real tea collections, but remember that very few teas age well.

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