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Imagine pristine dewy hills with rolling tea plantations and smiling women picking leaves at their leisure – beautiful, is it not? Trouble is that just about everything in this image is wrong if you just bought your tea from any supermarket. Supermarket teas are the most viciously competed market segment within tea industry and pushing down the price is the most important competitive advantage. So why the low price of supermarket tea is such a bad thing?

Walmart is a market just as the rest of them


Growing tea has been labor intensive from the start. For this reason it has remained dominant farming industry in countries what have very low salaries. However, consumers demand ever cheaper teas and markets are consuming more and more tea, supermarket chains have massive bargaining power over tea farmers and farmers have no way but to cut the costs. Even in low-cost countries this had resulted in the use of machinery and chemicals in tea growing and tea processing as well as the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

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I can’t help smiling when looking at this novel design. Indeed, tea bag doesn’t have to look like “the tea bag”, and It can literally be any shape in your imagination, even better if you are able to put it into practice and make it into an interesting design item, like this one:

It’s not just design for design’s sake. As we tea-drinkers have all experienced: where to put the used teabag is sometimes problematic. I don’t know about you, but I myself often use tea bag more than once, therefore the idea of hanging teabag like hanging T-shirt on the rim of my cup is really intriguing! Although in practice it might apply better with taller cup than smaller one?

In any case, the hanger and tea-shirts look so cute that I am pretty interested in getting my hands on them. Just need to figure out how and from where. I will post more info here if I find them.

What do you think? Do you like this tea design? Would this be useful for you?

Designer: Soon Mo Kang

Information and image source from YANKO DESIGN

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